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Exploring Self Discovery Through Ancient  Maya Wisdom Directly By Native Maya Voices.

Maya Birth Sign Reading & Energy Chart.

The sacred Ancient Maya Calendar CHOLQUIJ is composed of 20 energies (ch'umilal/ nahual) from the earth's telluric currents and from the cosmic energies. Each of these 20 energies has 13 manifestations. Each manifestation or force number determinates the strength, accentuates the characteristic, and brings their power & properties to the nahual they converge with.  The 20 Ch'umilal or nahuales flow in consonance with the 13 manifestations or numbers. 

According to the Maya elders, all of us are born with a specific nahual and number force based on our birthdate. The nahual we are born to, carries our essence and our life mission, its energy guide us in fulfilling it. Understanding how the Nahual manifests in your reality & how the Maya number combination influence or affect you, allows you to walk in harmony with existence, with your life purpose, and thus develop your full potential. 

Reading done live from Guatemala, the heart of the Maya legacy by a Maya Ajq'ij (spiritual leader) with live English or Spanish translation. All your investment for this reading goes towards the Maya elders involved in this reading, As a way to give them back their voice about their own traditions.