My Sacred Voice

The Healing Power Of Your Voice

Virtual, Your voice carries the unique frequency of your soul. Reconnecting to the power of your voice is an invitation to feel at home within. Healing sessions might include energy work, womb-throat chakra healing, guided meditation, Personal Icaros, divine messenger channeled songs, uniquely relevant to your healing intention, soul journey, and energy field clearing.

Virtual, Medicine Songs are songs with intention. They are usually shared in shamanic community circles, spiritual gatherings, and ceremonies. It's not about how good or bad you sing, it's not about how pretty or not your voice might be. It's about your connection to your inner light and the intention, the energy you choose to transmit when singing. Medicine songs are loving ways to connect, bring healing and good blessings. They consider are good offerings for all our relationships. Is there a Medicine song you would like us to practice together? Receive divine insight about it or on creating your unique song? Let's roll it with Archangel Gabriel & Sandalphon to connect with the essence and have fun!