Feeling a "strange" energy at home? paranormal phenomena? starting to have frequent unpleasant dreams? Have the feeling someone is there or randomly started catching shadows/entities in your visionfield?

"When we die there is usually a graceful transition into a transcendent reality. In shamanism, it is understood that when someone suffers a traumatic death such as murder, accident, war, drug overdose, suicide, or being in a terrorist attack there is a possibility that the soul might need assistance in crossing over into the transcendent realms. The reason for this is that the soul might get confused at death and remain caught here in what we call the Middle World" Sandra Ingerman

Virtual Consultation/Distance Psycho pomp, light to home is partnered with another medicine healer to assess the nature of the consciousness being and the best way to move forward accordingly. Mediumship will be added if a soul needs the guidance to move on.